Fully Automated Nanoparticle & Dissolved Ions Online Monitoring

As semiconductor node sizes continue to decrease, metals contamination poses an increasing risk to quality. New research is showing that even sub-ppt nanoparticle contamination can cause quality problems. This low-level nanoparticle contamination is often impossible to detect using traditional dissolved metal analysis. However, nanoparticle analysis is also not well-suited to measuring dissolved metals.

scoutNANO is an online analysis system that seamlessly combines metallic nanoparticle and dissolved metal analysis into one fully automated product. scoutNANO builds on the proven scoutDX system to add nanoparticle analysis capability. Similarly to scoutDX, remote sampling units collect samples and use gas pressure to transfer them to a central unit, where the samples are automatically introduced to an integrated ICP-MS for analysis.

Metallic Nanoparticle and Dissolved Metals Online Analyzer

  • Multi-element detection and measurement of nanoparticle (NP) size and quantity
  • Multi-element detection and measurement of dissolved metals concentration
  • Autocalibration of NP and ionic analysis
  • Analysis of all semiconductor grade chemicals
    • Sampling from up to 40 sample points
    • Sampling from up to 300m in any direction from scoutNANO Central unit

Ease of Use

  • Flexible reporting options including SECS/GEM
  • Optional On-Demand Sampling Interface
    • Prioritization of time-sensitive samples
    • Easy operation with push-button or signal from the host


  • Removal of human interaction with hazardous chemicals
  • Dependency on comprehensive safety interlocks for operation

Long-term Stability

  • Preservation of NP standard’s stability with Nano Process Module
  • Reliability of proven scoutDX dissolved metals analysis

Integrated ICPMS

  • Detection and measurement of nanoparticles <5 nm diameter
  • Detection and measurement of sub-ppt ionic concentration

Workflow Diagram

Example diagram (shown to the right) for remote monitoring of incoming/outgoing chemicals and process chemicals using scoutNANO.